Reineke Fuchs


This is where I will have the blog posts that I write. If you look to the left you will see links to other sections. One of them is works, which features other websites that I have made, including my older portfolio pages.

Why do this?

For some time I have been attracted to the Brutalist aesthetic for webpages. I think it is extremely clean and beautiful. I also enjoy following typography best-practice. Hopefully sometime in the near-future I will have some art or writings to feature on this site.

Current Interests

I have many interests, which tends to actually be an issue for me. I become unfocused and only build an amateur level of skill in a wide variety of fields. Although I am a little above amateur when it comes to language studies and Philosophy; I have degrees in both of these.

Recently, however, I have been working on teaching myself Go and trying to teach myself Rust. I started my journey with Python, but I have firmly moved on into the world of Go it seems. I am also starting to work more seriously on developing my Cybersecurity credentials.

Another important point in my agenda is volunteering for an organization. Currently I am looking at volunteering with the EFF or the Tor Project. They both have projects that I could at least help with in small ways.