Reineke Fuchs


A Word

A word before I introduce the links to my websites that I have made. I have yet to make an app or anything really of substance -- yet is a key word there -- which is what I am going to be working on soon. Until then some of my code that I have written is available on my GitHub account: Reineke's GitHub Repo

Original Portfolio

The first website that I ever created start to finish was my original portfolio page. I really enjoyed making it and I was quite happy with how it turned out at the time. It exemplifies how I started, and generally still do, program; which is to say at the command line. I will admit that Windows is getting easier to work on, but also using the command line.
Original Portfolio(retro fuchs)

Hidden Page

This page was a 'hidden' feature of my original portfolio. It was also written from scratch and was my first attempt at a Brutalist webpage.
Hidden Page(metro fuchs) was a project that I did for the Glorious Union of Truslavistan. As far as I know they are now defunct, but they may still have a Twitter. I am not sure. It was fun to make, however, and I love the Bootstrap theme that was used. I will probably abuse the web with it again sometime.

Less Old Porfolio Pages

I went through a few redesigns of my newer portfolio page before deciding to do it completely from scratch (as you see here). I don't hate them, I just don't really like them. Although I may use the Base16 one for blog posts. I haven't decided yet. These were all created with the exellent static site generator, Hugo, btw.
Last Old Portfolio
Less Old Portfolio Draft 1
Less Old Portfolio Draft 2